Gabriella Kastrunes

Hi everyone! I am honored to be the 2017 Queen of the Chesapeake. Being a Princess was an amazing experience, which helped me gain confidence in my ability to speak publicly. In addition, I have had the opportunity to meet so many people who have impacted my life. To give you a little background about myself, I am a 17 year old senior at Notre Dame Preparatory School in Towson, MD.  I am an honors student, inducted into 6 honors societies this year, and I am enrolled in 5 AP courses this year. I am passionate about service. I especially love working with the children of Camp Umoja on the weekends and 4 weeks in the summer. Camp Umoja allows children from Baltimore's public housing to attend a summer camp, where they practice swimming, reading, and math skills, while creating a lasting bond with their counselor.  When I became Princess, I decided to combine my love of the environment and service, creating a non-profit, called Sea the Future. The goal of Sea the Future is to educate Maryland youth about the Bay, empowering them to make a difference. I will be travelling around Maryland to give presentations about the Chesapeake Bay and ways to keep it healthy. I also hope to visit the State House with the Back River Restoration Committee to lobby for the health our waterways.  I feel so privileged to hold a position in which I can share my passion for service to others with so many people. Thank you to everyone who has supported me. I look forward to seeing you all around the Bay!